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Win Your Very Own iGoogle Gadget

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iGoogle launches today & already it’s live here in Australia.

If you’re not yet using this service, I highly recommend you check it out. Just go to the Google in your country & look for the link that says ‘Personalised Home’ top right.

If you’re new to the service, click the ‘Add stuff’ link & go crazy. I’ve found that, for me, the best use is to add all of my regular blogs to the home page – now I can see at a glance when Seth Godin or Matt Cutts posts another great article.

If you’ve been using this for a while, you’ll see there aren’t huge noticeable differences in the home page’s appearance (we need an Aussie theme!). However, the lovely Google folk have made it super easy to create your own Home page Gadgets!

So I’m looking for suggestions… Tell me what gadget you’d like & I’ll go & build (or have built!) the best one that’s either AdWords or Analytics related. So get those thinking caps on & get writing!

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