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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries and transforming the way we work. Our new video series, AI For Your Agency takes us on a journey to understand the impact of AI on businesses, professions, and creative processes. With a total of six insightful videos, this course promises to unlock the exciting possibilities of AI while dispelling common fears and misconceptions.

Video 1: Intro

Mike introduces a framework to help viewers maximize the potential of ChatGPT, an AI language model. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging AI to enhance writing efficiency and creativity.

Video 2: Imagery and Videos

Here Mike dives into the realm of visual content, showcasing how AI can revolutionize the creation and utilization of imagery and videos. He explores the possibilities of AI-generated visuals, improved image recognition, and streamlined video editing processes. 

Video 3: Data and Code

The third video highlights the transformative power of AI in the fields of data analysis and coding. Mike demonstrates how AI algorithms can process and analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and extract valuable insights. Furthermore, he discusses how AI simplifies coding processes and automates repetitive tasks, enabling businesses to develop innovative solutions more efficiently.

Video 4: AI as the Muse and the Teacher

In this video, Mike explores the inspirational and educational aspects of AI. He discusses how AI can act as a muse, sparking creativity and aiding in the generation of novel ideas. Moreover, he highlights AI-powered systems that offer personalized recommendations and facilitate the creative process across various domains. By leveraging AI tools, professionals can tap into new realms of inspiration and enhance their creative output.

Video 5: Where It’s Going From Here 

As AI continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, it’s crucial to understand its future trajectory. Mike provides insights into emerging technologies and trends. He discusses the potential impact of AI on businesses, and society as a whole, giving viewers a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Video 6: Summary

The series wraps up with key takeaways and reinforcing the need to embrace AI as a powerful tool for growth and innovation. 

Ready to harness the power of AI and unlock new possibilities for your business? Don’t miss out on Mike Rhodes’ comprehensive video series on AI. By enrolling today, you’ll gain access to all six informative and inspiring videos, covering writing, imagery and videos, data and code, AI as the muse and the teacher, and future trends.

As a special offer for our readers, we are giving an exclusive discount on the course by visiting  and using the code AI50.

Join Mike Rhodes on this enlightening journey into the world of AI and discover how it can revolutionize your business and enhance your creative endeavors.

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