Black Friday: 5 Tips For Your Google Ads Strategy

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A Year-End Review for a Successful BFCM 2023

Get an insight into Agency thinking when it comes to making sure you’re prepped and ready for the beginning, middle and end of Black Friday 2023. This fillable workbook and checklist will help you review your previous year’s Black Friday results to elevate this year’s strategy, determine what your lead-up plan is, initiate your post Black Friday planning and much more.

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It’s time to work on your Paid Google Advertising Black Friday Strategy for 2023. In the ever-spinning carousel of online advertising, pausing for a moment to reflect on what worked and what didn’t can be your secret sauce for future victories. So, without further ado, here’s your playbook for a successful Black Friday strategy.

1. Review Campaign Results

Let’s start with a deep dive into your campaign results both looking at last year’s BFCM period, as well as how you are tracking to date. What made your ad revenue skyrocket? Did anything leave you feeling like you missed out? Take a closer look at those roller-coaster moments when your ad performance went from “Woo-hoo!” to “Uh-oh” and analyze how those fluctuations were managed. Noting what campaigns were the top revenue drivers & understanding how to push them even further during the busy season can really help prioritise your game plan.

2. Targets and Budget Changes

I know, it can be A LOT to document all of the account changes made throughout BFCM last year, but at WebSavvy, we’ve found it super valuable to understand what changes were made when to budgets & targets in the Google Ads account. Mapping these alongside the performance trends above will help unpack decisions that either launched your performance in the right direction (towards more) or that may have held you back, helping to create a potential roadmap of changes for this year.

3. Assess Ad Creative and Offers

Your ad creative is like the glittery outfit at a disco party – it needs to shine! Take a look at what you ran across Search, PMax, Sitelinks, extensions, YouTube & Discovery (soon to be Demand Gen). Did you approach the sale messaging differently in these placements? Are there ways the sale messaging could be incorporated more prominently for this year? It’s key to make sure your ad creative pops so you stand out against your competition!

4. Spy on the Competition

Speaking of competition!! Keep your eyes peeled for what your rivals are up to in terms of offers & messaging, particularly with search ads on keywords you are competing for. Big discounts & offers from your competitors can make it hard to entice users to click your ads, so snapping screenshots and jotting down notes for future reference can help you plan ahead for next year.

5. Work with other demand-driving channels

Google is great at capturing demand, but the magic really does happen when used alongside other demand-driving channels like Meta. A cross-platform approach in the lead up & throughout BFCM helps get people excited about your brand & what you have on offer – you’re competing with a lot of different categories in this time for consumer attention (and their wallets!), so read more here about how to win with paid social!

In a nutshell, by dissecting your campaign results, keeping tabs on budget changes, jazzing up your ad creative, giving your competition the side-eye, and working alongside other channels, you’ll be armed with a knockout approach for the remainder of the year. Just remember, success in online advertising is like a fine wine – it gets better with time and a little bit of tweaking. Cheers to your future ad triumphs!

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Reflecting on last years data is only step 1 in our 5-Step Checklist to guide your Black Friday strategy. Download the full, fillable workbook below to ensure you have planned for everything when it comes to your strategy for Black Friday 2023.

Download Your FREE Black Friday Checklist

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