Black Friday: 5 Tips For Your Social Ads Strategy

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A Year-End Review for a Successful BFCM 2023

Get an insight into Agency thinking when it comes to making sure you’re prepped and ready for the beginning, middle and end of Black Friday 2023. This fillable workbook and checklist will help you review your previous year’s Black Friday results to elevate this year’s strategy, determine what your lead-up plan is, initiate your post Black Friday planning and much more.

Download Your FREE Black Friday Checklist

Let’s chat about gearing up for the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) madness. Paid Social marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, which offers exciting opportunities, but that doesn’t mean you should totally disregard your previous years strategies. By digging into last year’s data, you can gain valuable insights from your data to shape this year’s WINNING game plan. 

1. Analyse Your Audiences 

Consider how you segmented your audiences; were they too broad, defined, or divided? By identifying your top-performing audiences and evaluating your spend allocation, you can determine whether the distribution of your budget delivered the desired results or if it missed the mark. Question whether last year’s cold audiences responded better to BAU content rather than sales messaging? And finally, take a closer look at what creative elements made your cold audiences swoon and what resonated with your existing, loyal customers.

2. Reflect on Pre-BFCM Investments 

Did you give enough love (aka budget) to last year’s cold audiences? It’s important to prioritise growing remarketing audiences before the sale period – remember, they’re going to need some warming up before the big sale. Recognize that buying intent tends to snooze pre-sale, so consider reallocating some of your budget towards site traffic, lead generation or other non-conversion focused campaigns. Really think about how you can utilise different objectives to align with consumer behaviour. 

3. Budget Optimisation 

Budgets, budgets, budgets! Compare your current spending to last year’s at the same time. Use this as a benchmark to give your budget a little boost within a similar margin, provided your return on ad spend aligns with your goals.

4. Embrace Change and Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of paid social marketing, change is your bestie. Explore what’s new since the last BFCM. Have you discovered that collection ads drive sales in warm audiences? Or have you implemented Advantage Shopping + campaigns? By embracing diversity in ad types and objectives to appeal to a wider range of people, you can make them fall in love with your product faster than they can say, “add to cart.”

5. Continual Improvement

Lastly, remember that while you learn from last year, you shouldn’t settle for the same old approach. Leverage the dynamic nature of paid social marketing to your advantage. Is your offer going to show the value you’re offering in the context of the larger changes we’ve been through this year? Stay agile, adapt to new trends, and be open to experimentation.

BFCM success in paid social marketing, hinges on data-driven insights and a willingness to adapt. Analyse, reflect, optimise, embrace change, and always strive for improvement. Armed with these tactics, you’re set to blaze through BFCM with a record-breaking season. 

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Reflecting on last years data is only step 1 in our 5-Step Checklist to guide your Black Friday strategy. Download the full, fillable workbook below to ensure you have planned for everything when it comes to your strategy for Black Friday 2023.

Download Your FREE Black Friday Checklist

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