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Step by Step AdWords Audit Part 2

Taking the pain out of the AdWords Audit!



The previous post dealt with the initial steps you should be taking to ensure you’ve got no glaring issues in your account.  Things like tidying up Ad Postion, Device Settings, Networks & how your account is Structured.

So lets continue and get deeper into an audit!

Keyword Match Types

There are two frequent stumbling blocks when it comes to match types.  Watch to see if you have too many 1) Broad Match or 2) Exact Match keywords.

Leaning heavily on broad match keywords will result in far too many irrelevant impressions.  This drives your CTR down, and in turn can affect your quality score negatively.

Too many exact match and you might even feel the breeze created by the opportunities as they whoosh past you.  You’ll likely have very little volume.

Pull up the Search Query Report to see what is being matched to your ads – then adjust the match types accordingly.

Ad Copy Testing

Like I mentioned in the last post, 2 or no more than 4 ads in an ad group is a good start for testing.  To truly get better results, examine how different the ads are.  If you’re just fiddling around with small changes like punctuation, you’ll wait a long time to determine a winner, if at all.  Conversely if you’ve had a campaign for ages and you’ve tested it to death, sure small tweaks are appropriate.

The big changes to test?  Start with different headlines, they’re usually seen first.  Play with changing your display URL, tweak the benefits you’re highlighting and try an unused emotional appeal if you can.  Make it a big change.

Review the ads that are split tested.  This is a chance to see if the ads fit with your keywords in the ad group.  If you can create lots of ad groups, you can target  the searcher much more closely.  If you have more keywords in an ad group then can fit into an ad… you’ve got too many!  You should be able to use each keyword and have a sensible ad at the end of it!

Landing Page

In this step you’re watching for two things.  First, does the landing page match the message of the ad?  Is your ad for a divorce lawyer but its taking the searcher to the law firms medical negligence page?  Make sure its cohesive.

Second is the often overlooked “call to action”.  Is it obvious what the visitor should do.  If they should be filling out a form, make it easy to find & easy to fill out.  If you’ve got a scrollable landing page, make sure the call to action is visible everywhere!

Following these 7 steps will help ensure you keep your adwords account profitable, as well as show you new opportunities for growth.



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