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A good job for the first day of the month

What can you do each month to improve your AdWords account?

If you do nothing else AdWords-related today, just quickly log into your account and write a new headline for your ‘losing’ Ads. That is the Ads in each group that aren’t doing as well.

Hopefully you already have 2 Ads running for every single one of your AdGroups (you do right?). This is called split testing or AB testing. It’s the only way to continually improve your advertising & the great news is that as an AdWords user, Google does all the hard work for you.

[If you don’t already have 2 Ads running for every group log in now, click the ‘Create new Ad’ link & get writing! This one tactic will, more than anything else you can do in AdWords, save you hundreds even thousands of dollars over the long-term]

Assuming you do have 2 Ads running, let them run for a while. How long is good? Well the time frame isn’t important, what you want to look for is the total number of clicks for the 2 Ads combined. Once this is around 100 clicks (or roughly 40-50 for each Ad) you’ll be able to see which Ad is performing best.

Look at the CTR (click thru rate) for each Ad. If one is significantly bigger than the other, delete the ‘losing’ Ad & write a new one. As an example if Ad A is 3.5% and Ad B is 2.2% – you have a clear winner.
If Ad A is 1.2% and Ad B is 1.3% you’ll need to let them run a while longer until you can see which is the winner & which one the loser.

Even if all you do is take the exact same ‘losing’ Ad & just change the headline, log in & do that today.

Then you can let both Ads (the old winner & the new one) run for another month, come back in 30 days time & do this again. Write one new Ad once a month for a year & your Ad performance 12 months from now will almost certainly far exceed the performance you would otherwise have received.

This is so simple, yet 80% of advertisers never bother to change or update their Ads. It’ll take you 5-15 minutes a month & put you far ahead of the pack. Go on, log in now. In a year you’ll thank me for it.

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