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Are You Getting These Benefits From Your Advertising?

Part 1 – Let your customers write your next advertisement

newspaper_rollThere are so many side benefits to using Google AdWords that it’s hard to know where to start. In this series of posts, we’ll look at how spending a few dollars a day can result in thousands of dollars worth of market research to help you better understand your market & blow away the competition.

In Part 1, let’s look at the power of knowing which headlines speak loudest to your potential customers. What attracts then to your site & gets them in a buying mood!

How can we find out what our prospects want without asking them?

By using the power of split testing. And letting our visitors vote for the ‘best’ headline using their mouse.

If you don’t already, write two ads for every group of keywords that you bid on. Don’t worry about writing different description lines or display URLs. For now, just make the headline the only difference between the two ads. Always have two ads for every group.

Google will show the first ad to half of your visitors for that adgroup, and the second ad to the other half. Automatically. No extra work.

By looking at the click through rate (CTR) that each ad gets over time you’ll know which headline grabs your target audience more. (There are other methods, but this is fine for now). And because AdWords is such a responsive medium, you can find out this information in a matter of days and then take immediate action. Great right?

But don’t stop there! Far too many AdWords beginners just delete the losing ad & keep spending money on the winner. That’s ok, but there’s a better way. Instead, spend just 15 minutes a week deleting the losing ad in each group and writing a new one to compete with the winner.

This might sound like a lot of work, especially if you have more than a dozen adgroups, but it pays off for a very long time. Just one letter or one question mark could change the CTR of your ad by more than 100%. It’s worth the investment of your time to find out what works and what doesn’t.

So what are the side benefits?

Once you’ve tested a dozen or so headlines, you should start to get some good to great click through rates. There’s no reason to accept less than 5% for any of your ads, some will get 30-50% in some markets.

Now take this headline (that’s massively better than the one you started with) and use it in your other advertising:
-use it in your Yellow Pages ad if you still have one
-use it in local press
-even in your next radio ad if you use it

You can take this powerful headline & use it just about anywhere. What about the landing page on your website? Or your business card?
When your audience tells you what they want it’s your job to listen & then act accordingly.

Give em what they want and the sky’s the limit.
In Part 2 of this series, we’ll look at using AdWords to ethically spy on your competitors & see just how well they’re using AdWords & what we can learn from them.

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