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Account Snapshot Gives Quick Overview Of Your AdWords Account

It just keeps getting easier to use AdWords! Account Snapshot may look a little basic because it’s super simple to use & I think you’ll find it’s really quite useful.

account_snapshot_tabLog in & choose ‘Account Snapshot’ under the main ‘Campaign Management’ tab.

(If you can’t see it yet, you’ll probably have access tomorrow – all of my Australian & UK clients can see the link, some American clients can’t as yet – makes a change to do it that way!)

There are two main areas of note: Alerts & Performance.

As well as a quick link to the help centre.
You can now receive billing, ad disapproval & critical alerts via SMS – although the help section for this appears to be broken at time of writing.

I think the performance area is a great move – especially for those advertisers that just want the top level stats at a glance, without having to set up & run the more complicated reports. It’s similar to the graphs in the Starter edition of AdWords, but with more flexibility.

Account_snapshot_graphsThere are 5 graphs to choose from. Each giving instant snapshots of your stats.

You can change the graph to display info for one particular campaign – or leave it on the default setting of ‘all campaigns’. There’s no way to group a few campaigns together – probably for the very good reason that you would hardly ever want to do that!

As well as the graphs you get some top level stats (clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC, conversion rate, total cost & cost per conversion) & can change the date range as per the usual options.
Of course I would still highly recommend that you install Google Analytics if you’re going to use AdWords, it’s far more powerful & customizable (&almost as easy to use!) but this is a great way to visualize what’s happening in your account & see trends developing.

All in all quite a handy little place to start your AdWords day. Panama has got some catching up to do!


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