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A Facebook Page Like is Your Mail List “Lite”

Organic Reach is scraping the bottom of the barrel, the social game is changing and Facebook Page Likes are worthless.



Am I Right?

Well no.  Not really.

Yes organic reach for a business’s Facebook post has dropped from 16% in 2012, to 12% in late 2013 and now it’s hovering around 4%.  There’s lots of outliers that can get greater than that, but really, no one is hitting 10% of their audience organically with any regularity.

Last year Ogilvy was predicting an organic reach of ZERO.

It’s not there yet – but it certainly could happen any day now.  It’s Facebook’s prerogative to do as it pleases, and people will cry foul, but them’s the breaks.

So is a Facebook Page Like worth the pixel space it takes up on your screen?

It depends on how you value it.  If you want a free channel to promote your business – know this – the writing’s on the wall, you should probably look elsewhere.  A free channel is exactly what a Facebook page like WAS.

It’s time to reconsider what a Facebook page like IS.

People that like your Facebook page are that much closer to being your customer – you know this because they’ve gone out of their way to show you that they’re actively interested in your business and want to to hear from you.

Sound familiar?

Think of your fans as your “e-mail list-lite“.

For most business their mailing list is a prime source of revenue.  Much more valuable than their organic reach.  It’s used to update their customers on products, sales and any other messages that need to be communicated.

By spending a little money on your fans now and then, you can send those same messages, with calls to action and regular communication, you can almost recreate your mailing list, but by using your Facebook fans.

With some simple guidelines you should be able to reach your Facebook fans with much greater reach than you would have got organically than even before 2012.  And probably for less than you pay a month for your e-mail service.

Before you do go spend money on your fans, ask these questions of your post:

  • Does your business benefit by people acting on this post?
  • Does your fan benefit by acting on this post?
  • Does this link back to your website?

If the answer is no, just let it get the meager organic reach.  If it’s yes then spend a little on boosting your post to only your fans.  And maybe your recent website traffic and a little audience testing.  You should only spend a little for a short period of time – and monitor the results.  

A Facebook page like used to give you free access to lots of people who could be customers.  They still do, but for how long?  Let go of the past and think of your fans like a mail list, and yes you need to pay to access it, but very little plus the return should be worth it.  

With the right cultivation of your audience and timely posts, you’ll find that a Facebook Page Like is a source of revenue and leads second only to your mailing list.


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