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7 Vital Strategies for Expanding AdWords Accounts

You can never have too much of good PPC.


Your AdWords account is a well oiled machine, you’ve done your checks & your outliers have been handled appropriately.  Your next steps in managing your account should be down the road to expansion.


On the surface, expanding adwords is simple, crank up these three things: Impressions, Clicks & Conversions.  Easier read than done, but worry not, there are lots of ways to do this.


Expanding Search Campaigns

1) New Keywords

A great place to start expanding.  Pull up the Search Query Report in your dimensions tab, change the ‘view’ box to to ‘search terms’.  This will show you the search terms people used when they saw your ad.  Scour this report for common phrases that aren’t in any of your ad groups.

2) New Opportunities

In the Opportunities tab (between “campaigns” & “tools”) you’ll see lots of suggestions from Google.  As you’d expect, Google strongly recommends upping your maximum bid, but resist for the moment.  Consider the rest of the suggestions and see if there are some that you can implement.

3) Competitor Research

Way back when you started your keyword research you hopefully did some leg work on your competitors.  Google Keyword Planner is a good tool and you can always use a third party like SpyFu, AdGooroo or Wordtracker to get new ideas from the competition.  Making this a repeat exercise on a regular basis will reveal some good ideas.

4) Bump up bids

Will an increase push your ads higher on the page? If you’re position is in the 3~4 range, that extra bid could launch you firmly to the three ‘premium’ positions.  There is a massive CTR jump between the left hand side placements and the right hand side, in some cases a small bid increase can generate significantly larger returns.  In your ‘segment’ drop down, “top vs other” will give you the goods on this.

Expanding Display Campaigns

5) Keep Testing

You may feel like you’ve plateaued, but fresh ideas can push you higher.  Test a new vibrant image and see if you can’t get a quick win.  Look at your headlines for text ads and see if you can tease a different benefit.


6) Update Managed Placements

This is something to keep in the back of your mind as you surf.  If you find there’s a site that your customer base is frequenting, stick it on your managed placement list.  For contextual targeting, take some of the data from steps 1 & 3 and see if you can introduce to expand the range of sites where Google places your ads

7) Experiment

Try different targeting methods.  If you’re only using “managed placement”, try contextual or behavioural.  If you’re not using “remarketing”, change this immediately, put it at the top of your list!

These 7 tips will help you push your AdWords account even further.  These tips will be easier to implement if you’ve got your account in good shape.  These blog posts will help you get there.

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