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5 Reasons to Hire a Dedicated AdWords Agency

AdWords Agency? Not for my little company… Or is it?

This is the first in a series about hiring an AdWords agency.

When your AdWords account starts to take up more of your time, and it will, you’ll have to make a decision.  Is your time better spent modifying bids or doing what you do best – running your business?

A quality agency keeps your profits trending up and lets you get on with work.

And if the thought of more time isn’t tempting enough – here are five more reasons to hire a dedicated AdWords Agency.

1) Pay Per Click is all they do

Google changes the rules to the game all the time.  Sometimes they’re big sweeping changes, others are just little tweaks that, with the right expertise, can be exploited heavily in your favour.  Agencies have the time, and more importantly the need to stay on top of these changes.

2) Agencies see patterns that you won’t be able to

Simply by managing multiple accounts agencies can determine strategies that work better in one industry than another.  They’re aware of trends and can apply that knowledge to your account.

3) They’ve got a Google Rep (or three)

Access has its privileges.  Most agencies have a Google representative, some agencies have lots! Reps answer questions, solve problems and occasionally make agencies aware of changes or little known tidbits.  They’re invaluable.

4) Early Access to New Features

Google will generally provide agencies access to BETA features before the general public.  Agencies get to test these features for Google and get the jump on learning how to get the best use out of them.

5) Specific Skill Sets

Marketing, Coding, Analytics and Creative are all essential to any healthy AdWords account.   Sadly these skill sets often require diverse backgrounds.  Agencies have staff that excel at each of these areas and use them accordingly.  Hire an agency and you get their skills too.


If you’re AdWords management is beyond your personal control, or simply taking up too much of your time, a dedicated AdWords Agency is a profitable choice.

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