The Productive Power of Positive Constraints

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Use positive constraints to get things done


A non-Adwords blog post for a change… I thought instead I’d share one of the most powerful time management strategies I know:

Committing to people other than yourself & working your butt off not to break your promises!

Otherwise known as positive constraints.

I generally take on way too many projects at once. In fact every time I get off Skype with my main mindset coach she needs a lie down, we cover so much territory & ideas!

But the reason I take on the majority of those projects is to force myself to up my output.

I know that when my back’s up against it, I will crank out content at a much faster pace to hit that deadline & not let down whoever I’ve promised that work to.

For instance earlier this year I ran an 8 week training course (my Adwords Bootcamp – which is included in with Perry Marshall. Every week I had to build a new 100-150 slide keynote from scratch & make sure it was bloody good content, clear, concise & the best (my mum thinks) Adwords training resource on the planet.

Then straight after that, I chose to run a 12-week training course for a select group of agency owners to help them scale their businesses to the next level.

Over the course of about 24 weeks I had to create 20 keynotes (over 2000 slides) & every one of them had a very firm, fixed deadline. I had to be ready to go on that webinar at the promised time.

I know the way my brain works – if I hadn’t made those promised to people other than me, it might have taken me all year to get around to creating that much quality content.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the work you need to do, try this:

First prioritise the stuff that absolutely has to get done (some of it *can* wait).

Then give yourself immovable deadlines – if it’s not a live webinar or podcast, publically commit (on bookFace maybe) to give $100 to charity if it’s not completed on time….

And you’ll find yourself starting 30 mins sooner, or working smarter, or delegating more efficiently…

But somehow you’ll smash through the workload & surprise yourself with what you can do.

Try it – I dare you 😉


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