Handed A New Google Ads Account? Here’s Where to Start


What do you look at when you get a new Google Ads account Handed to you?

Looking into a new Google Ads account for the first time can be quite overwhelming. Unfamiliar campaigns, low conversions, high spend, thousands of keywords…

It can be, and is, a lot to take in. It’s hard to not let yourself get lost in a data coma.

However if you approach the account by looking at the bigger picture, it will help you feel in control and ground you.

Here are the key things to look for when first handed a Google Ads account…

  • I want to know what the main goals and objectives of the account are. What’s the expected outcome of the account?
  • How do we measure conversions for the account?  Eg: is a conversion based on calls or sign up to a newsletter /enquiry about a service, or is there multiple ways of tracking a conversion for the account.
  • What is the CPA for the account? Is this usually quite high, low, or does it change throughout the year?
  • I ask about what the account spend is like and what the monthly and daily budgets are.
  • I like to know what worked in the past or what hasn’t worked. Any failed campaigns? Any super successful campaigns? Any campaigns they have yet to launch…
  • I want to know who the point of contact is for the account is and what their expectations of the account are.
  • I want to know how involved the point of contact is with the account and what Google Ads knowledge they have, whether it is none at all or they are all over it. This has an impact on the relationship management of the account, which can be just as important as any changes or activity done on the account.

Don’t let yourself drown in data, make sure you suss out the big picture of the account before you hone in on the finer details.

Once you are familiar with the account and where the direction of the account is going, it then enables you to dive in confidentially and nut out the smaller nitty gritty stuff.


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