Why This Black Friday Is Going To Be Different – And What You Can Do To Get Ready


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Ah, the Retail Holiday Season is almost here. Again. Deep breaths everyone. The first appearance of a Christmas song on the Spotify playlist can bring a little bit of anxiety, we know. So, it’s time to get organised.

We’ve been speaking with our clients earlier than ever to get ready for Black Friday.

I know we are completely over statements around ‘this year is like no other’ – but, one more time – this season is going to be unlike the last 2 years

So here’s a few quick tips to help you breeze through another successful silly season…!

Why is this year’s Black Friday and Retail Holiday Season different?  

Many advertisers are seeing reduced sales returns from Meta.  With the pandemic behind us and economic uncertainty ahead there is more scrutiny than ever on performance. WebSavvy’s best guess is that advertisers will (potentially incorrectly) move budget from Meta and push it to Google – causing more competition than ever before.  All the more reason to get ready early.

Pre-planning – what’s your offer?

  • Product level – Some considerations from the latest Google Shopping prep guide were to highlight/ have an offer centered around the best-selling product/s from previous BF sales (if it makes sense for the business with stock, profit margins etc etc)
  • Your offer – your customers and prospects will be in a sea of offers that are all very similar. To help them see and act on your offer you need to be early in their minds.  Create and leverage an emotional connection to become memorable.

– What will make your brand standout from the rest in this area?

– What are the triggers you can have in your ads and on your site in October and early November

Mid-End October – Get your creative & messaging ready

  • Make sure all your assets, copy, and offer are ready 3 weeks prior to the launch date of your campaign.  Ad platforms on all channels are under strain at this time of year so allow for plenty of time for disapprovals, platform crashes etc.  Changes made in the days before the Black Friday sales period take far longer to be approved!

General Tips:

  • Tap into the power of your first party data. By having a really strong customer tracking system in place you will be able to segment your customers into different lists based on certain behaviours so we can both feed machine learning capabilities with more signals, as well as re-engage with them at a later date with great incentives!
  • Delivery concerns for gifts making it on time will come into effect as of Dec 16 this year. Spend should be slowly decreased from here, and we should consider turning off holiday messaging ads.

If you need some advice about your Black Friday strategy, get in touch with us at hello@websavvy.com.au and we’ll be happy to chat.

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