WebSavvy Wins The 2018 Google Attribution Award… Again

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Google hosts a Performance Honours Awards night each quarter.  It’s full of new product releases, training and networking. As well as some quarterly awards, which is a big reason everyone is there in the first place!  On Wednesday 17th October, Google invited WebSavvy to attend the Q3 Performance Honours.

WebSavvy is very proud to announce our second win and second straight Google Attribution Award.

Google Attribution Award

Attribution is one of those topics that’s not so glamorous – but without being able to attribute results back to your ad efforts how is a business supposed to make profitable growth decisions?  At WebSavvy we’re very proud that we can provide our clients with the best data to base crucial decisions.

Google wasn’t finished shining the spotlight on agencies either.  WebSavvy’s very own Aden AC has been nominated for the “Brave Penguin” Award.  One of 4 people to receive the nomination from thousands of entries.

Brave Penguin Award

The Brave Penguin is awarded to marketers who are first to market with Google’s new products.  It takes a lot of testing and certain amount of guts to be the first to apply something new with our clients budgets.  Much like the first of a waddle* of penguins that jumps into water with the hopes of catching fish is taking a risk that sharks or other predators may be there too.  

Aden is nominated for being one of the first to take the dip with Google’s Responsive Search Ads.  A tool that lets businesses add up to 15 Headlines and 4 description lines to an ad. Google’s machine learning will mix & match those to determine what the best combination is.  The idea is that we’ll be able to show the right message to the right user to encourage them to click.

So far in 2018 WebSavvy has 2 Google Attribution Awards and 2 Team members Nominated for Brave Penguin awards.

*seriously – a group of penguins on land is called a Waddle – of course, we Googled it.

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