To Localise or Localize? What to consider when taking your business into new markets

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If you’re thinking about taking your business international there’s obviously A LOT to take into consideration. But a good place to start is by digging into your Facebook and Google ads data (and knowing what questions to ask of your data!), to help set you up for success.

WebSavvy’s CEO, Mike Rhodes, and Head of Facebook & Strategy, Trevor Henselwood, graced the virtual stage recently to present a webinar to the National Online Retailers Association (NORA) about the 3 Phases of discovery and consideration for taking your business international. 

They were accompanied by the amazing Bec van Raay, Digital Marketing Manager from frank green, to discuss how frank green has been able to expand into new territories with the help of paid advertising. 

Watch the webinar to learn about the digital marketing essentials you need to know about taking your business into new markets. Everything from how to localise your creative, logistics you shouldn’t ignore and what questions you need to ask of your data to set you up for success.

A huge thank you to Nadia Lotter, Head of marketing and D2C at Boody, for hosting the chat! 

If you’re thinking about steering into new territories we would recommend giving the webinar a listen and of course reach out for a chat.

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