How Systems Can Build Your Business

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What Systems are You Building for Your Business?

If you haven’t read my take on the 80/20 rule, and you can here, you should know that I strongly believe You should be doing the “thinking” and “directing” in your business, not the doing.  A mate of mine has a thin strip of paper stuck across the top of his monitor. It reads:

“how can I do this so I never have to do it again?”

Too extreme for you?

Maybe.  But it’s a worthwhile thought exercise to apply to your day.  Try this out and see how it fits.

Next time you do a task – be it big or tiny – ask yourself that question. “How can I do this so I never have to do it again?”

How could you build a system to eliminate that task from your schedule, freeing you up for bigger and better things.  And remember, a system can be as simple as a check-list that you could hand over to someone else to do next time.  And sure, they might need some training to go with the check-list.  Using some free tools like Jing or screencast-o-matic to create a short video of yourself doing the task can capture all the steps faster and maybe even more comprehensively than you can!

WebSavvy couldn’t have scaled to where it’s at now without a LOT of great systems & great people using those systems to get epic results for our clients.

There are a ton of ways to create systems that will free up your time and not kill your quality of work.  The tech you use for those systems doesn’t matter as long as the outcome is positive.  If you’re asking, WebSavvy uses a combination of podio, dropbox & systemHUB. but these are a topic for another day).

It’s not technology, it’s the mindset that matters.

If you know your business needs more systems, I highly recommend reading Sam Capenter’s book ‘Work the System’. If you don’t think you need more, read ‘Built to Sell’ by John Warrillow.  You could read a great book called ‘Checklist Manifesto’, but I’ll save you three hours… have check-lists for EVERYTHING!  Really.

Try it.

Need some check-lists for AdWords then check out

We’ve got some awesome stuff coming, starting with my AdWords Audit check-list next week!

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