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Weight Loss Solutions Australia Achieved 55% Higher Conversions In Less Than 10 Months

Weight Loss Solutions Australia Achieved 55% Higher Conversions In Less Than 10 Months

WLSA predominantly sell surgical weight-loss services such as Gastric Balloon, Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty, Gastric Banding and Gastric Sleeve. As these services may be invasive and non-invasive operations, with short-term and long-term consequences (and commitment!), it takes a lot of physical and mental preparation to say yes to such big surgeries, which makes the sales cycle quite long!

To combat any nerves that come with committing to such weight loss solutions, WLSA spend a lot of time (and therefore cost too!) educating their clients about the offered procedures to ensure they fully understand their services and regard them as high quality.


Due to these factors, WLSA were struggling to get leads and consultations for their NSW and QLD clinics within their target range, determining our goals to:

  1. Spend more on advertising dollars on Google Ads in order to capture a larger market share in their industry and geographic locations.
  2. Increase Lead Conversion Volume by 10% & Conversion Rates by 5% for form submission enquiries & calls.
  3. Ideally – reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), whilst remaining in the profitable CPA range.


After meeting with the CEO and presenting our recommendations, we began running the agreed experiments in March 2018.

  1. Firstly, we experimented with Target CPA smart bidding strategies to beat our original Manual CPC bid strategies.
    The Smart Bidding strategies managed to spend more advertising budget to grow Impressions and Clicks, and saved time to focus on strategy and creatives.
  2. Once a Target CPA became the winning strategy, we tested different CPA targets to ensure we were able to maximise revenue. We continued tests until we had enough data as proof of the best strategy’s success, then began working towards moving all our campaigns to automation strategies.


Since transitioning all campaigns to Smart Bidding strategies, we were able to spend more on Google Ads within the profitable range of cost per lead.

WLSA experienced continuous and huge growth in revenue and booked more consultations over the 10-month campaign period than the previous period.

For those who want the technical details:

1. The New South Wales clinic:

  • Increased Gastric banding campaign: Conversions by 55%, Conversion Rates by 32%, Google Ads Spend by 31%, Impressions by 11% and Clicks by 17%
  • Increased Other campaigns: Conversions by 64%, Conversion Rates by 25%, Spend by 133%, Impressions by 14%, Clicks by 31%
  • Increased rankings on Google by 1%

2. The Queensland clinic:

  • Increased Gastric banding campaign: Conversions by 13%, Conversion Rate by 2%, Spend by 23%, Impressions by 22% and Clicks by 12%
  • Increased rankings on Google by 10%

In other words, WLSA achieved the highest amount of conversions in account history!

Our success with WLSA resulted in Aden, WebSavvy’s Relationship Manager for WLSA, being awarded the Google Brave Penguin Award and an all-expenses paid trip to Google HQ in San Francisco to network with other marketers from around the world.

If you want your business to achieve the same outstanding results as WLSA, we’d love to help you. Contact us at or perhaps, get our team do a Google Ads audit!