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Showpo’s Facebook Remarketing Ads Strategy Case Study

Showpo’s Facebook Remarketing Ads Strategy Case Study

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Showpo has been with WebSavvy for a very long time – a partnership that has seen both businesses double in size over that span. The challenge for WebSavvy is to keep finding ways to improve on results, it’s all too easy for things to stay stale.



Part of the WebSavvy process is analysing data and iterating again and again. Each quarter we have internal goals to look at the things that don’t change often and see how we can improve.  We were able to rethink our remarketing approach and identify a new opportunity with Facebook Ads.



Showpo has always had a great remarketing strategy and it has been a strong part of the overall approach.  By making a few adjustments to audiences we were able to capture immediate interest even better than before – adding a new element that created a 45x return on ad spend – and we were able to roll it out to all regions. Now Showpo is capturing the intent of their site visitors even better than ever!