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Seed & Sprout

Saying See Ya to Plastic, and Hello to Results!


Seed & Sprout is an Australian company, based in Byron Bay. Focused on reducing our reliance on single-use plastics, Seed & Sprout stock a range of essentials for those of us just starting our plastic free journeys, or those of us already living a zero waste lifestyle.


Comparing the first 30 days of management to the previous 30 days

It’s really nice working with a team that not only delivers results but gets our mission too!
Thanks for the great work guys!

Sophie Kovic – Founder

Our Work

The Problem

Seed & Sprout are an amazing Aussie owned and operated business, dedicated to helping people reduce the amount of single use plastics in their lives. From homewares, to bathroom beauty products, Seed & Sprout wanted help to spread their eco-word to as many people as possible, and assist in growing their business.

Our Action:

WebSavvy worked with Seed & Sprout to help improve their Facebook Ad results.
Firstly, we structured their account into a better funnel so we could easily segment and target audiences. 
Then we used a wider range and more specific audiences as opposed to the broad targeting. Finally, we redirected spend into campaign optimisations where a purchase/revenue was the primary goal

The Results:

Within the first 30 days of the campaign, we were already seeing amazing results.

Comparing the first 30 days of management to the previous 30 days, we:

  • reduced spend by 36%
  • reduced cost per purchase by 55%
  • increased revenue by 41%
  • increased return on advertising spend by 122%

It was an incredible start, and we’ve continued to see amazing growth with Seed & Sprout.

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