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ROAS in 3 months


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Year-on-year spend increase

Sheet Society

Rise and shine! Amazing Facebook Funnel success with Sheet Society


Since beginning in 2017, Sheet Society has nurtured a strong brand loyalty and an almost cult following of people who love their products. Offering bedsheets in trend-driven colours and using natural fibres, Sheet Society is a Melbourne based business aiming to wake up the bedding industry one pillowcase and fitted sheet at a time!


First 3 months of management results compared to the previous 3 months and year-on-year.

When I arrived at Sheet Society, one of the first things I did was bring
on WebSavvy. They have such a fantastic understanding of digital
marketing and know exactly how to speak to our customer.

We had some pretty big targets in 2020, and WebSavvy played a pivotal role in our success.
Working with the team, is like having them in house with us, they
understand what we are working towards.

Kate Howard – Head of Marketing

Our Work

The Problem?

Entering a growth stage of the company, Sheet Society wanted to scale their business through Facebook Ads while maintaining an ROI of at least 15x on the platform.

Our Action:

Our strategy was simple, we implemented our proven Facebook funnel into their Facebook Ads account which utilises exclusions, so we can accurately target separate audiences. In structuring the account this way we’re able to reach a large cross-section of new customers and nurture them down the funnel, eventually converting clicks to customers.

The Results:

We successfully scaled their ad account (and business) and achieved a ROAS 46% above target.
In our first 3 months of account management, we increased spend by 42% for an increase in conversion value of 83%.
Looking at year-on-year results, spend increased 165% for an increase in conversion value of 636%.
Now that’s some amazing campaign results worth getting out of bed for!

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