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Swimwear Galore


Increase in revenue

Utilizing the ‘zombie’ campaign vs just using Performance Max

ROAS & Profit

Consistent ROAS & Profit

Despite the additional spend

Product Performance Report powers Swimwear Galore



Australia’s leading destination for swimwear that suits – and celebrates – everyBODY, Swimwear Galore is an Australian success story with 7 retail stores across Victoria, as well as a booming online store as well. WebSavvy has proudly worked with the Swimwear Galore team since 2008 to help them make a splash and grow their business.

CAMPAIGN PERIOD: Oct 31st to Dec 12th 2022


WebSavvy is amazing to partner with. No challenge is too big.
Their digital marketing expertise is incredible and they’re genuinely passionate about helping our business grow.
Thanks WebSavvy!

– Caz Skudar, Marketing Director

Our Work


The Challenge

Because AI can get stuck in a rut, some of Swimwear Galore’s products were not being seen by potential customers. The machine kept going back to products it knew & ‘trusted’ to sell well, ignoring ~70% of the sizable range.

We knew there was a great opportunity to generate incremental revenue by increasing the performance of these ‘unseen’ (aka zombie) products. So we got to work!

The Approach

Using platform data we quickly identified products with no spend in the recent past.
We put those Product IDs into a Google Sheet, added a 2nd column with the ‘zombie’ tag and fed that into Google Merchant Centre as a supplemental feed.

Instantly, this added the ‘zombie’ tag as a custom label to all of those products. Then we created a new PMax campaign just for those products and excluded them from the existing campaigns.

The Results:

We gave the machine an easy goal to get started, setting the ROAS target ~20% lower than the existing campaigns. It hit that target within a week, at which point we steadily increased the target until it was as high as the other campaigns.

This was all new spend and new revenue. It ended up about 15% additional spend at a ROAS slightly better than the existing campaigns.

So effectively, a 15% increase in profitable revenue, selling products that otherwise weren’t selling. A big win all round!

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