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increase in leads compared to previous period


increase in conversion rate

Scaling for Success



Based in Atlanta, GA, NutraCap Labs is a e-Volving Brands company and manufacturer of custom formulation Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements. They’re on a mission to provide their customers with the highest quality products and an industry-best customer service experience.


Our Work

The Challenge

Following Nutracap’s consistent and steady business growth, and with a larger sales team now on board, the WebSavvy team looked to find ways to help grow the business even further.

We set to work with the goal of growing lead volume month on month and maintaining a low CPL in line with what Nutracap had achieved in the past.

The Approach

To help support further business growth, we took a three pronged approach.

Our first priority was scaling lead volume. We did this by testing different bid strategies on existing campaigns that have consistently delivered outcomes to see if we could drive more efficient leads.

Secondly, activating video campaigns to help generate brand awareness and support long-term business growth.

In addition to this, we looked to expand into different markets to tap into new potential customers.

The Results:

The campaign was a great success, resulting in an 69% increase in leads compared to previous period and 7.5% increase in conversion rate.

Nutracap now has further capacity to grow their business and build upon their success.

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