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NOBULL’s personal best with Smart Shopping success


Increase in traffic
compared legacy Shopping Campaign


Return on Ad Spend
After running Smart Shopping campaign for 3 months


NOBULL’s personal best with Smart Shopping success


NOBULL is a footwear, apparel and accessory brand for people who train hard and don’t believe in excuses. NOBULL products perform with you when and where you need them. That’s it.

Not only has WebSavvy produced great work for our brand, but they have been great partners to us and are a joy to work with. We at NOBULL are excited to continue to partner with the WebSavvy team to elevate our Google advertising even further.

Tara Windsor – Growth Marketing Manager, NOBULL

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The Challenge

NOBULL is a leading footwear and apparel brand for people who train hard, without the excuses. With its passionate community and loyal customer base, NOBULL’s key objective was to expand their audience reach and successfully launch their new Black Friday collection during the busy holiday period.

The Approach

WebSavvy was early to market with testing Smart Shopping with NOBULL back in 2018, but with limited success. However, with machine learning improvements to Smart Shopping and NOBULL’s willingness to experiment to reach their goals, WebSavvy worked with the brand to instill confidence that it was the right time to test again. NOBULL worked with WebSavvy to further scale and grow their Shopping ads with the switch to Smart Shopping in late September 2020. The initial approach involved testing Smart Shopping on only a some products, with trainers chosen as the hero category. A new Smart Shopping campaign was created for trainers, which were then excluded from the existing legacy Shopping Campaigns, to avoid overlap when reporting performance.

The Results:

Testing Smart Shopping again really paid off. Utilising a target ROAS bid strategy from the outset, ensured NOBULL was optimised towards profitability. After running the Smart Shopping campaign for 3 months, NOBULL saw a 243% increase in traffic whilst maintaining a consistent Return on Ad Spend of 6x. All of NOBULL’s Shopping Campaigns have now switched to Smart, with continued growth achieved outside of the busy holiday period.

Account Manager

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About Calvin:

Calvin dreamed of being a scientist when he grew up, so it seems fitting his knack for running impressive experiments and tests have come in handy here at WebSavvy! Add to the mix his qualifications in Business & Marketing, Calvin’s is a bit of a gun all-rounder!

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