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A new Social Media Strategy Proves a Winner



A great Aussie success story for attracting new customers, Kip&Co are a Melbourne-born brand that celebrates joy and colour with beautiful home decor, bedding, apparel and accessories. Founded by 3 friends – Alex, Hayley and Kate.


With new product launches and major brand collaborations in the pipeline, Kip&Co had new and exciting revenue goals.

Websavvy have played an integral role in the YOY growth in brand awareness for Kip&Co. Their strategic approach to spend and audience targeting has seen our database grow by 200+% and an exceptional growth of new customers across both Meta and Google ads.

Amy Clarke – Marketing Manager, Kip&Co

Our Work



To help achieve this growth, marketing efforts were going to be focussed not only on customer retention, but heavily on the acquisition of new customers.

Social platforms and budget increases were presented. Being the more optimal platform for lead generation, Facebook Ads is where the WebSavvy team implemented the main shift in strategy for capturing new leads and increasing spend really helped maximise the pool of people to hit with remarketing during sale periods.


The results have been amazing so far, seeing a significant increase in performance since the change in strategy.

The shift in tactics have resulted in a 200% increase in new leads generated, and a 200% increase in new customer conversions attributed to Facebook ads.


A great success all round, and the WebSavvy team are proud to help this amazing brand grow even further this year.

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