Case Study

Frank Green Securing Their Brand On Google Case Study


increase in Return on Ad Spend


increase in Return on Ad Spend

Frank Green

Frank Green Securing Their Brand On Google Case Study


This Australian brand wants to be the world’s most loved reusable products, the only problem: competitors were piggybacking off of their brand investment.  Frank Green needed much tighter brand security to stabilize their results and secure their immediate future.

WebSavvy’s support has been amazing – and these numbers are a testament to the great partnership.

Benjamin Young – Founder & CEO

Our Work

Our Action:

Working alongside Google and exploring trademark options we were able to ensure that Frank Green had brand protection.  Brand protection is vital as it helps increase the amount of space a brand is able to occupy on a Google Search Results Page.  Simply put, Frank Green got more real estate on a prime location.

The Results:

Now the competition, large or small, could no longer leverage the Frank Green brand.  Within 1 week of implementation there was a 40% increase in Return on Ad Spend. Proof that brand security impacts the bottom line!
With the brand secure, WebSavvy and Frank Green could make plans for future focused long term results knowing that the short term results had drastically improved.

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