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Black Friday Ready: The Strategic Journey


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Sheet Society stands out for its unique combination of contemporary colors and bedsheets made from natural fibers. They are on a mission to transform the bedding industry, one pillowcase and fitted sheet at a time.

WebSavvy and Sheet Society collaboration has been instrumental in amplifying their online presence and reaching a wider audience. Their dedication to excellence has made Sheet Society a beloved name in households across Australia and beyond.

Our Work

What We Did:

In 2022 WebSavvy & Sheet Society got together to see what we could tweak to improve on our stellar results from the 2021 holy trinity of shopping madness, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day.
The plan was to create distinct full-funnel campaigns tailored to specific locations, each with its own unique budget.
‘Cause budgets are like fingerprints – unique’

On Google, we spread our offers far and wide across a range of advertising formats, encompassing Brand Search, Non-Brand Search, Sitelink & Promo Extensions, Pmax, Discovery, and YouTube.

To spark early interest, we front-loaded our spending during key timeframes. Our strategy emphasized allocating the budget towards top-of-funnel (TOF) and awareness campaigns to re-engage audiences following the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, focusing on key marketing messages. Additionally, we ran Boxing Day presale lead generation ads to build first-party email lists.

What Worked Well:

In a nutshell, we had some pretty awesome wins, including remarkable year-over-year revenue growth of 44% for Meta and 16% for Google in AU, driven by a substantial 131% YOY increase in global reach due to the global expansion and supported by the successful introduction of the broadcast strategy.

Additionally, our tailored ads excelled, achieving higher quality scores and relevance, while we efficiently managed spending and increased intent in the PMax campaigns. Notably, our remarketing campaigns emerged as the top revenue generators of the year, with Discovery leading in sales.

What We Learned:

Running a successful holiday campaign boils down to two things: planning like a pro and getting your ducks in a row. Our forward-thinking approach is exemplified by our early initiation of Black Friday planning sessions and the establishment of achievable goals grounded in past insights.

To realize these objectives, our primary emphasis will be on revenue generation, with a keen eye on adapting ROAS benchmarks as needed, and of course, we’ve got some cool new tricks up our sleeves.

Our journey in 2023 has already built upon the accomplishments of the previous year; the plans are all sealed up, the experiments mapped out and the creative is briefed based on what we’ve learned. Nothing is set in stone either – we’ve made room to pivot if the market starts doing the cha-cha.

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