Case Study

American Landscape Structures


Increase in Leads

within first 4 weeks of management


Reduction in CPL

within first 4 weeks of management

American Landscape Structures



After growing up with many happy childhood memories of enjoying the warm Spring and Summer afternoons on his family’s small back patio, Jim Adams established American Landscape Structures to help people turn their dream outdoor space into reality, and start spending more quality time outside.

American Landscape Structures is a US based business who provide high-quality made-to-order backyard landscape structures including pavilions, gazebos and pergolas.

Our Work

The Challenge

Jim and his team had recently been dissatisfied with their digital performance and the high cost leads that were being generated. For a small business, this was starting to have a significant impact on them.

Having worked with 2 different agencies in the last 2 years, they knew they needed a different approach to their strategy – and fast. They came to WebSavvy in Jan 2023 to help their business bloom again, looking for an increased lead volume as well as cost effective leads.

Recently faced with the challenge of a slow volume of leads, CPL was $100+, sometimes even over $300. We were more than happy to help turn things around for the American Landscape Structures team.

The Approach

The WebSavvy team rolled up our sleeves and got to work straight away. We understood the issues at hand and applied the right bidding strategy and targets to campaigns to help get things moving in the right direction.

A restructure of campaigns needed to happen immediately, in order to have more control and insights to performance of different areas for the business. We got to work doing just that.

The Results:

Within the first week, the CPL had already dropped – it was still high, but acceptable for the short-term while we worked with the American Landscape Structures team to really get to know their business and the challenges they were facing.

We all worked together to bring CPL down further.
After just 4 weeks, we were hitting weekly leads targets – sometimes exceeding the targets causing an overflow of leads at a high volume!

The average CPL is down 55% since we started managing the account and sitting comfortably within ALS’s targets.
With CPL down and the leads flow increasing, we’re only just getting started. We’re dedicated to helping improve profitability, to help the American Landscape Structures team achieve their goal of doubling business revenue for the year.

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