Expand Your Marketing Budget with the Australian Government’s EMDG Rebate Scheme

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It can feel like a massive financial hurdle to export your goods and services overseas. However, the Australian Government has developed Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) Scheme to assist small and medium-sized aspiring and ready-made exporters to do it with ease - now, some businesses can get huge marketing spend rebate!

What Is The EMDG Scheme?

Administered by Austrade, the scheme supports a wide range of industries, with up to 8 grants per eligible applicant based on international marketing and promotion expenditure endeavours.

EMDG Scheme Benefits

The EMDG will reimburse up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above $5,000 AUD (totalling over $15,000 AUD for that financial year). As the grant is assessable for income tax purposes, the ATO has confirmed that GST will not apply to EMDG grants.

The average grant during the 2016-2017 financial year was $34,086 AUD. Think of how much that would benefit the quality and reach of your international marketing and promotional strategies.

Criteria for EMDG Eligibility & Claims

As this scheme is for small and medium-sized businesses, eligibility criteria include:

  • Incurred $15,000 AUD of expenditures in the past 2 years
  • A gross turnover rate under $50 million AUD
  • An ABN & financial statements to prove your business is viable
Acceptable Claims

Overseas representatives (12 month contract minimum)

Independent arms-length marketing consultants

Overseas travel

Product samples

Trade fairs, Seminars & promotional events

Publicity & advertising

Non-acceptable Claims

Normal salaries (barring international representatives)

Expenditures not paid by 30 June

Commissions & success fees

GST or Australian taxes

Any marketing to New Zealand

Cash payments excess of $10,000 AUD

For extra information on grant eligibility criteria and full list of what can and can’t be claimed, visit Export Incentives

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If you think you’re eligible to apply for the EMDG and want to talk to an arms-length marketing consultant, contact us at [email protected] or message us on social media (Facebook & LinkedIn) and we’ll help point you on the track to export success.

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