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You may have noticed – whilst browsing online – a banner ad, advertising something you were looking at earlier in the week on a completely different site. Spooky? No – this is remarketing. And only 1 in 10 of advertisers are utilizing display ads this way.

If you’re looking to take your online campaign a step further on Google’s Display Network (GDN), then you will require complementary web banners.

Our custom website banner ads are designed in line with your brand and style, and can feature anything you wish, from a product or a service, to an event or organisation.

We know what will make people click, and we also know what will push them to make that final conversion.

Display Ads

Design 10 Ads

We’ll design 10 different static banner ads (all 300x250px) from info you provide

Test with Data

The details are in the data – it’s all about A/B testing in a controlled environment, to find the winner.

More Sizes

Once you’ve found the winning ad then it’s time to make that even better! We’ll design that winner in a range of other popular banner sizes, which you can test further.

Included in your

Design Package

Phase 1

Variety of GDN Image Ads

  • 10 different options to A/B test
  • Format JPG
  • Inline Rectangle
  • Custom Design



Phase 2

Final GDN Image Ad

  • 4 additional options to A/B test, based on the winner from phase 1
  • Format: JPG
  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90px
  • Half page: 300 x 600px
  • Large Rectangle: 336 x 280px
  • Large Mobile Banner: 320 x 100px



Design Package


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Get more traffic using banner ads on the Display Network

Test & Measure

Measure actions taken on your site to find winning ads

Create Variations

Use your winning ads to keep improving results

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