Tracking Do’s & Don’ts

A change is as good as a holiday! Well, most of the time...

Changes are going to happen. Your website is going to get a bit of a makeover. You’ll be having a special promotion. Or, what you sell is so good it’s going to temporarily go out of stock.

We’d love to know when you’re making changes - this helps us serve you better.  And we might have some useful information to smooth those processes over as we’ve seen a lot over the years!

In order for us to keep doing great work for you, there’s just a couple of important DO’S and DON’TS regarding tracking that will help things run smoothly.

We’ve also added the notice period we’ll need to ensure we can match our timelines to yours.

As always, the rule of thumb is - keep us informed and involved in your plans!  Comment end 

Refer to this table when you are:

  •  Servicing a new location, state and country

  • Moving platforms

  • Changing URLs

  • Rebranding

  • Restructuring your website