WebSavvy Timeline

About Websavvy and How We Got Here


Mike sees a Google Adwords presentation, drops everything, yells “OMG this is what my small business coaching clients all need!” and runs off to play with google.

1 month later a mastermind friend offers Mike 50% of his business to take over all the marketing. Currently spending $50/day. They end up selling $100,000 of goods in the next 4 weeks and turn ads off to recover.

Adwords a Good Idea
About Websavvy's Beginings


Mike starts running accounts for “favours and beer” while running a consulting business in Sydney, Australia.


Mike moves to Melbourne to follow the girl of his dreams. WebSavvy is born with a simple vision: to help entrepreneurs leverage the ‘near future’ to grow their businesses.

Adwords Future
Mike Rhodes Speaking


Mike’s fledgling speaking career starts – at a radio conference of all things. A spot that would continue multiple times a year until 2015!


Mike gets married and has to get serious about building a business! Steve joins as Team Member #01 working from Mike’s house in Melbourne.
Mike runs the first Adwords Bootcamp for 20 smart agencies and creates a 13 DVD course, (we still have a couple if you want one!)

Learning with Adwords


We move offices to St Kilda (not quite by the beach but close). Mike speaks at Ed Dale’s event and attends Perry Marshall’s Maui Masters event.


Mike’s first daughter is born and things get busy. Superfast PPC is created for James Schramko’s members.

Welcome new Adwords Experts


Fatima and Sinem join the team.


Aden joins the team. Mike speaks at more events including Dale Beaumont’s and Entourage.

Welcoming Facebook and Adwords Experts
Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords


Trevor and Vic join the team in quick succession. Mike co-author’s ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords’ with Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd. After realising that the book was partly out of date before it was even printed, PPCsavvy is created to ensure that readers can always get the latest Adwords training. It’s also time for a new office; this time in South Yarra.


The team continue to grow with Mel, Charlene, Renee, Nazia & John joining! AgencySavvy is launched and 10 brave agency owners join the pilot program. The minimum growth experienced is a $25k boost to annual rev, from a $3k investment.

Biggest speaking gig so far – Traffic & Conversion Summit in Sydney, to 720 people. The Remarketing Grid gets it’s worldwide premier and is an instant hit.

Adwords Ninjas


Kaitlyn and Suchitra join the team.


Our team has continued to grow this year with Caitlin and Jayanne joining our WebSavvy family. In March Mike showed off The Display Grid when he spoke at TCS in San Diego. The speaking tour continued in July with appearances at Digital Marketer events in Melbourne and at Business Blueprint in Sydney. PPCsavvy underwent a huge makeover and the new AgencySavvy was launched offering our members more training resources than ever before. Plus Mike and co-authors Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd have been putting the finishing touches on the 5th edition of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords.’

The Future of Websavvy
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