Shopify Free Resources

Setting up Shopify can be a bit of a headache, we get it. But it’s essential for your ecommerce business. So we’ve put together some easy step-by-step guides to get your Shopify up and running correctly!

These resources will give you everything you need to know about getting Google Ads working with Shopify, how to DIY fix your account and how to reap the rewards. In a nutshell - sell more products from your Shopify store!


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  • Shopify Checklist (with all 50+ steps!)
  • Naming Convention Guidelines (campaigns)
  • Naming Conversion Guidelines (conversion + RM)
  • Instructions for setting up Dynamic Re-Marketing for Shopify
  • Google Ads dashboard example
  • PLUS a comprehensive step-by-step video to show you how to set up everything!



Don’t have time for all this? If you’d like some expert help to get Google Shopping Ads running quickly, let us do it all for you.