Tracking & Google Tag Manager

If you base your marketing goals & strategies on incorrect data, you could be steering in the wrong direction. That’s why at WebSavvy, we believe getting your tracking set up correctly is essential for real growth and real results.

Why Work With Us?

Avoid Wasted Ad Spend

If you don't have your tracking set up right, you're likely to be wasting money and efforts unnecessarily. A well-performing marketing strategy should be trackable and have reliable data to inform your next iteration.

Better Retargeting

Retargeting ads on Google and Facebook are highly effective online advertising tactics. But, it's only effective if you have the tracking, pixels & events set up properly. Retargeting in a less effective way won't bring in the revenue you should get!

Cross Domain Tracking

Do you have multiple businesses on different domains that aren't sharing data with each other? Cross-domain tracking and other tracking fundamentals can be confusing and overwhelming. That's where our lead developer & your account manager steps in!

Better Marketing Strategies

In today's marketing world, you have to be data-driven. That's why having clean and accurate data is so important for developing a marketing and business strategy. Short term pain for long term gains! Get tracking and analytics right from the start.

Wondering If You've Got Your Tracking Right? Have a chat to our team about a Tracking Audit

Better Tracking For More Measurable ROI

Comprehensive Health Check

Get an in-depth audit and analysis of your current tracking setup. Find out if there are any errors to be fixed and best practices to be implemented.

Fix Tracking Issues

Basing your decisions on incorrect or skewed data can have negative knock-on effects on your reporting and business direction.

Dedicated Support System

By involving both developers and marketers, we ensure your tracking strategy is aligned with your marketing activities. We'll be there every step of the way.

Tracking Implementation

After completing an audit, we will explain the problems and propose solutions and best practices to implement for your business. You get a roadmap.

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How We Can Work Together

We do it for you

You’ve got enough on your plate. Learning new stuff AND doing it won’t fit into your schedule. That’s why we exist, so you can focus on what you do & we look after your marketing.

We work with your in-house team

In an ideal world you’d have this talent in-house. Many different skills are needed. We can train & mentor your in-house team & ‘fill in the gaps’ until they’ve learnt enough to go it alone.

We teach you & you do it yourself

We know how to teach this. We’ve taught tens of thousands of marketers how to ‘do’ marketing. 100+ hours of courses + a thriving community of marketers = AgencySavvy, THE place to learn.