Our Ethos

We know there is more to life than work. But it’s no fun working somewhere that is, well, no fun.

WebSavvy strives to create a comfortable and collaborative environment that promotes healthiness and happiness for our team, clients and the environment.

The WebSavvy Values

Everything starts with our values. These are what WebSavvy has been built upon, and is the filter that we run all of our decisions through - from who we work with, to who joins our team.

Experiment with a better way

Learn & share our wisdom to help others grow

Communicate with empathy and generosity

Open company
- no BS!

Have fun along
the way


We believe a healthy work/life balance is essential - whether you are studying, raising a family or have a side hustle as a budding entrepreneur - we give all our team the flexibility to choose work hours that suit them (as long as it works for our clients too). So if you’re an early bird you may choose to start earlier and finish earlier, or if your mornings are a little bit slower to get started then you can start later and finish later.

We also split our time between working from home and as of 2022, we are spending 2 days working from our South Yarra office as a team. We love collaborating and connecting as a team and it makes sharing celebratory morning teas and donuts a lot easier when you are in the office together!

No Room
For Zoom

Over the past few years we have got a lot more familiar with Zoom meetings than we ever thought we would. So, to provide a little bit of breathing space in everyone’s working week, we encourage a ‘No Room to Zoom’ block on Thursday afternoons.


After way too many cancelled holidays and missed celebrations to count, we introduced ‘Summer Fridays’, to encourage our team to enjoy the sunshine and use that time to do something that makes them feel good. So from Dec-Feb our team generally logs off from around 2pm on Fridays, after client work has been looked after.

Fun &

We love any excuse to get the team together and celebrate! We’ve got a rotation of morning teas to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, along with fun team events where we get a bit too competitive over lawn bowls, axe throwing or trivia…

Learning & Wellbeing Fund

WebSavvy thrives as a learning hub, and we actively help our team develop their own professional and personal development. In addition to the overflowing ‘WebSavvy Library’ packed with books for anyone to borrow, each WebSavvian receives a generous annual fund to use towards developing their career at WebSavvy.

And learning doesn’t stop at your professional aspirations. Developing and nurturing personal wellbeing is paramount to our team’s happiness. So in addition to the Learning Fund, each WebSavvian also receives an annual Wellbeing Fund to spend on something that contributes positively to their own personal wellbeing.

The Environment

We aim to make a big impact on our clients, not the environment. As of 2022, we are carbon net-neutral, and have partnered with the Tree Project to off-set our business’ carbon emissions for the last 13 years. We are actively looking at ways we can do more as a team and a business. 

Inside our office, our WebSavvy frank green coffee cups encourage the team to go out and experience all the great cafes of South Yarra, without the need for disposable cups. And inside our kitchen you’ll find our recycling hub.