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YouTube Masterhead Ads

If you’re a regular visitor to YouTube you may have spotted the Rav4 masthead (shown below) today.

To get this ‘roadblock’ for one day will set you back around $40k, so you want to leverage it as much as possible & one of the best forms of leverage online is remarketing.

With YouTube the trick is to get your prospects to interact with the ad. That’s the point a which they get added to your remarketing list.

Which is why I love this Rav4 ad. Those little red circles provoke the curiosity to get some people (not all of course) to interact with the ad. The assumption being that many of those might be interested in learning more about the car

At which point I’m sure Toyota will be following them (& now me) around over the coming weeks with ads that offer me more info (& maybe further pique my curiosity) to find out more and maybe book a test drive.

If I see any clever follow up ads I’ll post them here.

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