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You Need to Use Google Ads Labels Like This


Google Ads Labels are a powerful tool to apply to your account management.

Google Ads labels are much more useful than just adding a bit of colour to a campaign.  They can help you get a crystal clear snap shot of just about anything you can think of.

Want to know how you’re doing in each state?  – one view of correctly labelled campaigns will show you!  You could compare all kinds of ideas with the right labels.

Labels in action

(FYI these are Australian states, except GDN – for now….)

And how you get there is quite easy.

First you need to label your campaigns in a way that makes sense to you.  In this case the labels are set by campaigns geo targeting, but you could certainly work with different image ads, network types etc.

Click the dimensions tab (ever so useful) and select “view” and you’ll find your label options.

camp labels

How Google Ads Labels can help with ads

You can automate a lot of work with labels.  For promotions that launch at midnight (or end at midnight) you can save yourself all kinds of troubles by automating the ads by using labels.  Essentially you need two labels.  Label the existing ads so that you can return to the exact same ads when your promotion is over.  Label all the new ads accordingly and select “Automate” from your Ad view in the correct campaign.

Auto rules

Set rules to pause the existing ads for the correct time, and then enable the new ads with the same parameters.

Auto rules 2

Google Ads labels aren’t just for keeping your creative fresh.

You can use labels to adjust campaign budgets too.  There are several scenarios when a campaign needs a scheduled budget increase or decrease.  It could be based on location, season or timing with offline marketing.  Whatever the reason, a label and an auto rule can let you set it ahead of time.

camp labels

Of course with any of these automations, I find it always a helpful to set yourself a reminder to check that everything fired correctly!  Get a much more detailed “how to” on automations here.



Google Ads labels can also look great to your clients in report integration with Optymzr.  optymyzr

In this case the report will show all campaigns that have the Google Ads Label “QLD”.  And you’re not limited to just one label, so you can get laser accurate reports for what ever metrics you need to see!


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