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Why Google Tag Manager is Good For You

Ever since Google rolled out Google Tag Manager, people have been asking… why do I need this?

There are some massive benefits to having Google Tag Manager (or GTM) manage your codes.  I’m going to cover the 6 biggest ones.


GTM gives you the power of flexible, efficient control over your code

You can setup, test and implement code in a fraction of the time.  GTM enables you to configure and deploy code on multiple pages  site wide more consistently & almost instantaneously from just one control centre. 

This lets you manage a wide range of codes like, but not limited to; Analytics, AdWords Conversion and Remarketing, Facebook tracking as well as other custom HTML codes such as Crazy Egg’s heatmapping!



GTM allows for centralized control over updates & changes

Without GTM you would have to install and update codes on an individual page level.  You may have a few helpful plugins, but then you have to manage multiple plugins too!

With GTM you log on to just one interface to add, delete or edit multiple codes.  From that one interface it will automatically update on all pages that hold the GTM container, a one time install!  Easy, efficient and very simple to troubleshoot.



GTM enables teams to manage & work together

With multi user functionality and varying user permissions, you can collaborate with different owners, developers & mangers.  By levying out the appropriate levels of access you can ensure that your teams have the information they need while reducing the risk of code being altered or deleted.



GTM lets you debug before going live

The “Preview Mode” allows you to ensure your code is correct before launching.  This mitigates risk and nicely avoids funky site errors.  You can even check if tags are firing based on the right rules on the correct pages.



GTM has versioning and history that you can use

When you are editing updates or making major changes, you can create a backup.  This lets you access your version history and roll back to any previous versions at any time.  It’s like an “undo” feature to reduce errors.


GTM manages Event Listeners

 Tracking things like button clicks, e-mail clicks, PDF downloads used to involve wrapping individual code around each event you wanted to track.  A tedious process.  GTM allows for Event Listeners to be deployed just about anywhere on your site.  A very easy way to trigger and handle event based conversions.

Google Tag Manager is essential for WebSavvy.  We use it to ensure our clients have accurate conversion tracking.  We’re able to access the GTM container and can help our clients track conversions and events without having access to their site.  We can’t recommend it enough!

Read up on a sample set up of conversion tracking here.



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