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Where do Outliers fit in Ongoing Management?

What to do with the Good, the Bad & the Ugly Outliers in AdWords


When it comes to AdWords, outliers are easy to find.  They’re the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads or Placements that are doing far better or far worse than everything else.  This is the start of the Optimise phase we do at WebSavvy (I’ve covered the “checks” phase earlier).  Adapting the outliers is where you should start in your accounts.


It’s high noon and you’re looking to optimize your AdWords account.  The goal is simple.  Make the good ones better, fix the bad ones & trash the ugly ones.


The Good


These are the high performers in your account.  A great keyword might warrant a higher max bid to get a higher impression share – and therefore more traffic & ultimately conversions.  Good headlines applied to more ads (where applicable), Make sure the high performing sites are added to managed placements.  This part is fairly straight forward, do more of what has been working.


The Bad

Got a keyword that’s got a stubborn streak and not working out?  Before you bin it, consider changing the ad copy.  Perhaps you’ve got a better landing page or could tweak the existing one.  Lowering the bid might reduce the damage.


It’s good to remember that some of the poor outliers can be reformed with some extra effort and patience.  The amount of effort however is determined by how much your time is worth & what you have to gain by improving this.


The Ugly


These are the outliers that just ain’t coming in.  You’ve tried a few moves, it’s not working so let it go.  Don’t spend too much effort on these as there are more profitable areas to focus on.  Delete if you wish, but there’s no reason you can’t pause this problem group and come back.  You may learn a new strategy or have an epiphany in the future!



The next stop in ongoing management is expansion.  To be posted shortly, catch up with 3 essential checks!

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