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What Fuels Your Business » Page Rank or Profit?

What’s better, turning up on top of the search page or making money?

Your online marketing budget more than likely has two slices eating the majority of the pie. Your spend for Google AdWords and what you shell out for SEO to stay on top of the search engine results page.(SERP)

If you were forced to choose which is more important for your business, there’s really only one answer. AdWords.


Let me explain.


In 2014 you have data everywhere on everything.  You can track what people do on your site, when they do it & how long it took them.  If they didn’t do what you wanted, you can follow them around the net with ads reminding them it’s still possible to buy your service.


With Google AdWords you can measure what your return is for every dollar you invest.  You pay a set fee for your SEO service each month.  At the end of the day do you know what the exact return is for your spend?  What results can you measure other than page rank?

On the topic of being the first organic listing… it’s entirely subjective. Google will put what site it feels is best for you based on your search history & browsing habits.  Two people in the same place will get entirely different results!


I don’t want to completely rule out SEO.  I’d recommend that you deal with SEO companies that report to you in terms of how sales increased, total return after marketing costs and what efforts they’re making to improve it.


AdWords and SEO are quite complementary.  AdWords creates lots of data that is invaluable to optimisation.  Google hides Search Query data from organic traffic, AdWords provides data for every search query that led to a click on an ad.  Once you know what keywords are providing the most value, then start SEO efforts.  This way there are no wasted efforts.


Conventional internet marketing follows a flow of Traffic – Data – Conversion.


Given the amount of data at our fingertips I propose a rethinking of this “traditional”idea.


Start with Data.


Use that data to build traffic, more traffic lets you optimise for conversion at a faster pace.

Data – Traffic – Conversion.


It’s 2014 and data drives everything.

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