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Website Call Conversion Tracking Gives Clarity

Ever wondered how many of your potential customers click on your Google ad, land on your website and then call you?

You can stop wondering.

Google’s Website Call Conversions allows you to track and attribute AdWords calls versus non-AdWords calls.  Clearing up the murky waters of attribution just a little bit more!

What Website Call Conversion Tracking does is dynamically insert a Google forwarding phone number onto your site.   When someone calls this number AdWords registers that call as a conversion – And you can even set a duration limit, so instant hangups won’t count!  This number is given to you completely free and you own that number forever.

Without Website Call Conversion Tracking

A site without this will generally only show a single general phone number.  The main phone number of the business.  So any visitor will see the general standard phone number regardless of which source of traffic they came from be it AdWords, Facebook, a referral or direct.  Should the visitor call the number, you have no idea where that call came from.

With just the one number you can’t attribute the call to the right traffic source. There’s no way to distinguish if it was an AdWords ad that led to that call or if a user came from another traffic source.

With Website Call Conversion Tracking

When Website Call Conversion tracking is setup, it dynamically replaces your phone number directly on your website with a Google forwarding number. This Google forwarding number is only shown to people who have clicked on your ads.  Non AdWords traffic will only see your standard business number.

If you’re worried about image and how the number will look – don’t worry! The number can be styled to suit your site design and fit your brand flawlessly.

Did I Mention it’s a *Free* Number?

Website Call Conversion tracking replaces your phone number by allocating free Google forwarding phone numbers. These numbers are provided free to you, and even the talk time when a user calls is not charged.  The only thing you pay for is the cost of the click, which is the same cost as before you added the Call Conversion Tracking!

Currently Google call forwarding numbers are only available in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the US.  Depending on country – it’s either toll-free (Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, US) or equivalent to a local number (UK), or a local number if available (Sweden, the US).

So if you’re in any of these countries, take advantage of this free feature!


Business Impact

When you’re able now track AdWords related calls you can then use this data to optimize campaigns and keywords. The data lets you analyse and understand which keywords are working and which ones are wasting money and take the appropriate action such as increasing or decreasing the bids.

Other useful data includes where your customers may be calling from (based on the area code data provided), when they’re calling, and how long the calls last. All this information can be used to segment and further qualify potential customers.

More accurate data leads to informed decisions.  The closer you can understand your potential customer’s journey the more likely it is that you can provide what they want.

In a nutshell = closing the sale more efficiently.

Other Sources for Call Tracking

Doing website call conversion tracking from other campaigns outside of Google AdWords requires a third party vedor.  To get the same info from Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, display, or offline ads (TV or radio) you would have to pay for each number that’s allocated and also per minute charges – where costs can rise quite quickly!

So unless you really have the need to do that it’s usually sufficient to use Google’s Website Call Conversions to track calls from AdWords vs. Non-AdWords users. The best part is it’s free!

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