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Video killed the media star

Some stunning results from eMarketer this week on the effectiveness of video advertising.

Personally I’m taking these results with a large pinch of salt – I think it’s carefully worded to make the numbers look good (no, really!). And these obviously aren’t the sort of percentages that apply to all viewers of a single Ad – but still, compelling data.

And did you know that it’s now super easy to show your video Ad across Australia? Google Content network will let you publish click-to-play video Ads as easily as putting up a new text Ad.

What’s that? No idea how to create a video Ad? No problem! Give us a shout & we’ll put you in touch with some rather special people that do.

Here are those results:

video advertising rocks!

From eMarketer:

Of the 80% of viewers who had watched an online video ad, just over half had taken some sort of action. Nearly a third had checked out a Web site, while 22% had searched for more information, 15% had gone into a store and 12% had actually made a purchase.

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