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Part 3 – Using AdWords to get better SEO results

In the third part of our series let’s look at using the benefits of AdWords to get a huge head start in optimizing pages with SEO.

A friend over in Corporate world just asked me this very timely question:
“What are the best sites for determining which keywords to use for left hand side SEO. If I’ve got a term like {hidden for privacy}, are there sites that will show me how many searches have been done and what key words to use to target those searches?”

So of course, always willing to help, I told him about three of the main tools that online marketers tend to use

in such circumstances: Google’s External Keyword Tool, Overture’s keyword tool, and of course, probably the best (but not free) tool at https://www.wordtracker.com/

However, given that this is a series about the benefits of using Google AdWords, let’s look at why we might want to start with AdWords, then focus on SEO – historically arch enemies!

Using AdWords to get better SEO results

In order to start optimizing your site to get high rankings in the search engines, you have to know the best phrases people might use to find you. While some phrases are obvious (& possibly very popular), the vast majority are ‘long tail’ keywords that is, they are much less widely used, but there are literally hundreds of them.

A great SEO effort will look to optimise your site for many of these lower traffic keywords. They’re easier to optimize for because there’s less competition & they can turn into solid providers of additional traffic. But if they’re not the most obvious phrases how do we know which ones will get used the most by our visitors? And which will do the best job of converting prospects into customers?

And while the traffic from the organic side of Google is free, the work to get your site there definitely isn’t. So before spending all that time and effort to create new content, doesn’t it make sense to know that we’re…

Optimizing for the right keywords

By running an AdWords campaign first you find out exactly which keywords attract the best customers. These might not be the phrases that get the most clicks but the ones that attract people more inclined to fill out that form on your site, or contact you for more information.

Now you can take your best keywords over to an SEO expert (some of the very best are Aaron Wall, Todd Malicoat & Sugar Rae) & start with the best keyword candidates instead of having to guess.
Of course, while you’re using AdWords to find out what your best keywords are, you’re sending more people to your website and hopefully selling more of your products and services.

And who doesn’t like a win-win like that.
In the fourth part of our series on the benefits from using Google AdWords, we’ll look at the difference between opinion research and real market research.

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