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Use Custom Tags to Refine Remarketing



Remarketing isn’t just following people around the internet who went to your site once.

It can be so much more specific and therefore add flexibility to your campaigns!  Google AdWords offers incredible creativity in how your remarketing can be applied.  Standard remarketing code just isn’t specific enough.

Making a remarketing list with Google Analytics isn’t going to give you that creativity or flexibility.

To really up your Remarketing game, you need to be using custom tags to refine your remarketing lists.  Custom tags let you segment your site visitors.


 tags for RM


People who make a purchase get one tag, form fillers get another specific designation.  You can apply a tag to people who add a specific item to their shopping cart, and then abandon the cart.  That tag creates a segmented list and you are able advertise the very item they almost bought.  Common sense says you should only have that ad appear for a few days (depending on the item) as you may overwhelm the customer with constant ad bombardment.

More variables for segemnting to be considered when using custom tags:

  • Specific keywords used on onsite search tools
  • age, gender or other information from enquiry forms


The more specific the segment, the better you can align your ad and/or offer to that group.


Custom tags also enable you to start Dynamic Remarketing (You need a Google Merchant Centre Feed for this).  This kind of campaign create ads from your inventory, ideally showing the product, or similar products that the prospect either added to a cart or spent time looking at.  These ads can be animated to rotate products and come in a variety of ad sizes for you to best showcase your stuff!

Dynamic Remarketing is just one feature that custom tags make available to you.  Another worth noting is “Similar Audience”.  These are people with similar online behaviour to your customers, ideally people who will make a similar buying decision.


Custom Remarketing Tags open up more ways to increase the effectiveness of your GDN campaigns, and make your ROI better.  And that’s what matters.



If you want to learn more about how you could use this specifically – consider our Adwords Forum, PPCSavvy


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