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Top reasons to use Google Analytics…

You have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the rest of your business, but what about your website?

By spending as little as 5 minutes a week, you can track some key areas of your site that will give you clues & insight into the minds of your visitors. That means you can get better and better at offering them exactly what they’re looking for … which results in dramatic increases in the number of leads generated or sales made

  • See where visitors are leaving your site once you know where the holes are in your site, you can patch them up & keep visitors on your site for longer, leading to more and more sales
  • Find out how your visitors are finding you. If you’re spending a lot of money on Yellow Pages & other directories you need to find out exactly how many prospects they send to you and if its worth your while to continue… WebSavvy just saved a Sydney legal firm $10,000 a quarter. They stopped spending on a well known Sydney directory and now spend less, get more qualified visitors & spend a fraction of what they used to.
  • Speaking of which, do you already use Google AdWords? (hint: if you don’t, you need to give it a try!). Google Analytics integrates seamlessly with Google AdWords  so you can track which keywords generate the most signups/sales & which are actually losing you money
  • See how long visitors stay on your site. Measure this number each week & notice any changes.
  • Depending on the type of site you may want this number to be as short or as long as possible  the number isn’t important, it’s the trend over time as you start to change bits of your site
  • You can see at a glance where your visitors are coming from. For example, if you have lots of visitors from New Zealand, do you offer a product that they can purchase? Is there a version of your product or service that could be altered, or created to make the most of this market?
  • Maybe you’re thinking of updating your site, but not sure how much or how little to do? Google Analytics will show you dozens of useful reports so that you can see exactly how your site is used. If you are going to redesign your site, wouldn’t it be useful to know the screen size of your average visitor or better yet, all the screen sizes & connection speeds for all of your visitors last month. Then you could take this real data to your web designer to make sure you build the site that best suits your visitors
  • Knowing which days (or which hours of the day) are most popular can save you thousands on your advertising whether that’s online, tv, radio or even just your own newsletter. Once you know when its most profitable to advertise, uou can stop the unprofitable media & just keep those that make you money
  • Oh yes… it’s FREE!

All up, Google Analytics offers over 80 different reports on all aspects of your website that allow you to follow a prospect from the moment they search for you, to the point where they become a customer. Valuable & vital information that allows you to better target your advertising, create more effective marketing campaigns & offer what your customers want to buy.

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