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Tips to Evaluate Your GDN Campaign with Analytics

The past few posts have been about how to target your ads and how to get your ads clicked.

Now I’m assuming that your stuff has been clicked and it’s time for some analysis.

Google Display Network is a great way to start to generate leads fairly cheaply, and there is lots of data available to keep it cheap!  But many people don’t use the data that’s available to them, they stick with the shallow data from adwords and don’t tend to venture deeper into to the Google Analytics data that is floating right there!

This is your starter guide to diving deeper.

WebSavvy begins to evaluate GDN data by comparing display campaigns to search.  Ideally you want the engagement numbers to be as close to the search data as possible.  Display metrics will never quite be as good as search, getting them close is the goal!

Get into the campaign view and look at engagement data like bounce rate, average time spent on page and number pageviews.  Ad groups that have high click through rates, but really poor engagement data are prime candidates to be paused quickly.  The traffic they bring is just the wrong type.

Digging deeper into your GDN campaign will take you to your placements – where your ads are showing.  Here you want to look for the sites that bring you lots of traffic, but the wrong type.  These will have lots of clicks but hardly any time on your site.  These are excellent candidates for negative placements.

While you’re evaluating placements – don’t forget to delve into managed placements (the sites you manually selected).  It’s a sobering reality that you may think a site will have the ideal demographic for your business, but the data says otherwise.  The nice thing about data is that it lets you throw sentimentality away, and while you’re at toss the poor placement sites into your negative list!

By getting familiar with the data beyond the familiar AdWords metrics, you’ll be able to get a much better return on your GDN investment.  If you’ve been through and through Google Analytics and it makes you feel intimidated, don’t forget that training is the best investment you can make.

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