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The 1 Commandment When Hiring an AdWords Agency

This is the fourth installment in a series about hiring an AdWords agency.

 Hiring an Adwords Agency?

Obey this Commandment!


I recently published 10 questions you should ask any adwords agency you’re considering hiring, or switching to.  Those questions are all very important.  But there’s one more thing.  Something not to consider or debate.  It’s a deal breaker.


You must retain ownership of your AdWords account.


Full stop.  There is no differentiation on this point.  It does not matter if you’re dealing with some massive professional agency with billing resembling the GDP of a small nation or some kid working out of his dads basement for peanuts.  You always, always, always retain ownership of your adwords account.


Your adwords account is an asset that belongs to your business.  It’s your property.  When you hire adwords management you’re granting access to your property.  Surrendering control of your account is not unlike handing over your credit card during a first date.


Lets say you hire an agency and that relationship deteriorates, for whatever reason, you’ll want to have the freedom to transfer access to a new firm.  It is possible to start a new account, but this consumes either time or money (likely both).  Account history does factor in your quality score too, not massively, but another negative of starting from square one.


If you ever consider selling your business, your adwords account is a valuable asset to pass on.  Something you can’t do if you don’t have ownership of the account.


New to adwords, don’t have an account and considering hiring an agency?  Just open an account in your name and grant access to the agency.  This lets you keep ownership.


Uncertain about what qualifies as account ownership?


4 Ways to Ensure You Own Your Account


  1. Can you access your account from www.google.com/adwords ?  If you can’t and the agency insists you log in from their agency gateway/interface, you more than likely have partial access
  2. Do you have admin-level control?  Can you add & remove other users access?
  3. Do you know your Account Customer CID (CID for short)?  A 10 digit number formatted as 123-456-7890
  4. Who pays Google?  Do you pay directly or do you pay google through the agency.  It’s best to pay Google directly.  Sure you’ll get loads of free air miles, but Google considers the person that pays them the owner of the account and the data inside that account.


Ownership of your account is an asset, the keys to the castle.  Don’t let an agency ever convince you to give it up.  WebSavvy demands all our clients keep ownership.


This is the fourth “hiring an AdWords agency” blog, read the others below.

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