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Testing your ads is easy as….

1. Don’t blow your creative budget in one fell swoop!

Whatever you do, don’t go crazy building every possible size ad there is at the start. Using the same imagery in different sizes isn’t a test – because it’s really just one ad!

You don’t know yet if it’ll appeal to your target market, which means you could be wasting a lot of money.

WebSavvy Recommends:

To let your prospects decide what they like best. Run 10 different ads, all the same size (300×250) with big differences between each

2. Refine and refine some more.

After your testing period, you’ll discover your 2 or 3 ‘winners’. Now you can create different sizes and even animate if you like. And for bonus points, you can test variations of the winning ads again. For example, run variations on the winning headline or image.

WebSavvy Recommends:

Find your winner, refine, and keep on testing. It’s the only way to continually improve your results.

3. Remember why you’re testing.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t test upfront, you don’t give your prospects the opportunity to tell you which ad they prefer.

Many people can baulk at the word ‘testing’ thinking it will cost them money.

The reverse is true. If you don’t test you’re leaving huge piles of money on the table!

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