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Surgically Specific Dynamic Search Ads

Page Specific DSA


Got a facet of your business that just isn’t searched for as much as as the rest?  You might be known for 1 product, but some of your others just don’t generate enough search queries.

There’s a new feature in Dynamic Search Ads that lets you create ads targeted to the content of a specific page.  When dynamic search ads first came about, they were ads based off the content of your entire site.  Not anymore.

It’s time to get a little more exposure for your business!  And here’s a case study.

A WebSavvy client had an international service.  The problem was getting traffic to that service was costing well over a $100 per lead.  And the volume just wasn’t great.

Enter the Page Specific Dynamic Search ads – start with a DSA campaign like this:


DSA - 1

Once the campaign settings are configured like the screen shot above, you’re ready to drill down to the pages you want to flood with visitors.

Key #1 – No ordinary setup

Make sure pause the default “All web pages” target.  This means that Google won’t just scan your whole site and send traffic to whatever pages it feels like.

DSA - 2

Key #2 – Add the specific pages


From the screen shot above you’ve probably already guessed that you need to create a dynamic ad target for “URL contains…” and “Page_Title contains…”

In this instance it’s “international”, but in your case it’s going to be whatever page or service you want to get traffic to.


Key #3 – Negative Keywords


Make sure to neg out your Brand name to avoid cannibalizing Brand traffic.   Chances are that people searching for you by your brand already know what they want.  Even if it is the international service, they know it’s there.  You’re looking for people who want your service but don’t know to look for you!

Also – make the exisiting search keywords negative.  This way you’re not pulling anything from your present campaigns.


DSA - 3




50% drop in Cost per conversion?  Looks pretty good!  With a bit of optimising (like pulling out the page title target) the conversion cost should dip a little lower too.

But there’s more.  There was a bit of a discovery in this process.  Found some new search terms to add to the main campaign.  But just so you know, some of the terms stayed in DSA as the cost per click was far lower with better conversions.

This is an excellent test for you to try in the areas of your business that don’t get the search love that they should!

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