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Start With The (Back)End In Mind

So you’re buying clicks, and having some success But are you still obsessing about the cost of attracting each individual visitor?

The great marketers don’t go for a one-time sale they know the big money is made on the back end that is, what happens after the initial sale.

If you know that you can get a customer to buy over and over again or if you know that you have a strong line of products, then you’re not afraid to break even or even lose a little bit of money on that initial sale.

As the cost of each click on Google (and the other search engines) increases, having a great back end becomes more and more important. This will be the key to your success online.

So how can you do this?

Jay Abraham teaches us that there are only three ways to grow a business:

  • increase the frequency at which somebody buys from you. In other words, get them to buy from you over and over again (hint: having their email address will help)
  • increase the amount they spend with you each they buy. Offer additional products as an upsell or cross sell. Offer volume discounts or package your products to create huge perceived value
  • and finally, increase the number of people that buy from you. If you are using AdWords, well done – you’re already doing this!

Tomorrow I’ll show you the power of geometric growth. This is what happens when you work on all of these things at once. It will blow your mind! See you tomorrow

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